The Closest Thing to My Wife

Published on 05/09/12

The following video moved me and reminded me of my wife. Not every detail in our stories are the same, but nothing comes closer to relating to who my wife is and what she goes through since my accident with CO two & a half years ago and the subsequent effect that my disability has had on our life and marriage. Some differences are that the function of my brain is up & down and only is occasionally as far gone as the gentlemen’s in this video. The other major difference is that God has added three precious little kiddos in our story.

The bottom-line is that I praise the Lord for godly godly wives; but most of all for the GOD who gives them the sufficient grace that they depend on day in and day out. Thank you Melissa for being such a wonderful wife and mother. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for your unconditional love. I love you honey!

Note: I have not read the book that is being promoted, so I cannot give a recommendation. God bless!


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On 05/09/12 Alne Hartog said:

Hi, Dave! I love seeing how a spouse publicly praises his wife! :-) You and Melissa are loved and prayed for by our family.

I don't know if Melissa has told you that I had started a group called, "Wives Encouraging Wives." Anyway, I had posted this same video yesterday in that group. Wow, eh?! :-)

Anyway, thanks again for your showing your love for each other publicly so that the world knows that our God is real!

Simply Love, Alne

On 05/09/12 Wanda Taylor said:

We are glad that this was an encouragement to you, David. We thought it might be. You both are a blessing and encouragement to many. May we learn of HIM together!

On 09/17/12 wendy thornley said:

What a blessing you both are. To see such love and caring and that she stands with you when so many in this world walk away from the littlest problem. David I don't know if you realize or not but you meant a lot to me in high school. When others were cruel you were kind. I have fond memories of you singing to me to in the hall. I am so sorry that this happened to you but so blessed and encouraged by how you have handled everything. I am so glad that God gave you a help mate that is willing to be there for you. May God bless you Melissa. Take good care of him, like I know you will. You have a wonderful and kind man for a husband. May the Lord bless you both.

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